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Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protectionpublishes articles classified as original papers (review paper, scientific paper, and short paper), technical papers, letters to the Editor, and errata. The Editorial Board will classify the submitted manuscripts according to the following recommendations of UNESCO.

Review paper is an overall presentation of a field of interest or problem on already published results, which are collected, analyzed and discussed.
Scientific paper includes original results of research and the scientific information should be presented in the paper in such a way to enable repeating the experiments and verifying the analyses and results on which conclusions are based.
Short paper is a concise report containing original findings or conclusions in term of research or technology. It must consist of previously unpublished work not currently considered for release in other scientific publications.
Technical paper is not connected to original research, it is related to verification and reproduction of the investigations known in the world and represents material useful for spreading knowledge and adapting the original results to the needs of science and its applications.
Letter to the Editor is connected to queries, comments, prposals, etc, regarding papers published in the journal.
Errata includes corrections from the authors concerning to a published paper in the journal.
Manuscript will be considered only on the understanding that it is not currently being submitted to other journals and that all listed authors are approved the paper. All the submitted manuscripts are liable to review of eminent specialists in respective fields.
When preparing a manuscript authors should obey the following recommendations:

When preparing a manuscript authors should obey the following recommendations:

1. Submitted paper
should be written in English only, with the title and abstract translated to Serbian (For foreing contributors translation to Serbian will be provided by the Editorial Board).

2.The manuscripts should be submitted in the word processor applied by the author with its indication (Ventura or Word for Windows). A separate sheet should include data about authors: name, family name, title, full postal address, E-mail address, and phone number. In case of more than one author the address and name of the corresponding author should be marked.

3. Title of the paper should denote the brief contents and it should be easy to identify in bibliography. Full name and family name of the author should be written with the family name in capital letters. A short abstract of not more than 200 words should follow the title. The key words should be cited after the abstract. The text of the manuscript should follow a logical and clear plan.

Reasons for presenting the paper and relation to similar previous papers should be presented in the introduction. Methods and procedures proposed in scientific papers should be described in such a way to enable the reader to repeat them. Results and discussion, as well as conclusions and recommendations should be presented separately. A review of applied denotations might be given at the end before citing the references. Footnotes should be omitted.

4. Manuscripts should be correct in style and language without typing errors. Formulae and mathematical symbols must be legible. Formulae should be numbered in ordinary brackets and given only to such extent to enable comprehension.

5. Scanned pictures (or photographs) should be sent as a separate JPG, CDR, TIF, or PCX file, not wider than 150 mm to be printed in one column or 320 mm if printed on the whole page width. Letters in the figures should be 3 mm high because of zooming the figures to 50%, line thickness should not be less than 0.2 mm. Photographs should be avoided but if indispensable they should be of high quality.

All the figures should be numbered. They should be referred to in text with respective numbers.

6. International SI system must be applied for all physical data. Data in tables should be full titles and precisely indicated measures. All the tables should be numbered.

7. The references
The references should be cited as follows: number within square brackets corresponding to the number in the text, family name and first letter of the author's name, original title of the reference, followed by data which enable the cited paper to be found. For papers published in journals the name of the journal in italic, volume in italic and the year of publishing in ordinary brackets, number of the issue in the volume and numbers of pages in the issue should be written.

In case of books the title in italic should be followed by the name of the publisher, place and the year of publishing, and the number of pages in the book. For conference proceedings the title of the proceedings and names of the editors in ordinary brackets should be written.

8. Manuscript should be addressed to:

Rodoljub D. Simović
Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences
P.O. Box 522, 11001 Belgrade, SERBIA

Rights of the Editorial Board include possible language corrections and possible smaller shortening of the text that would not affect the integrity of the text on the whole. Authors will receive one copy of the journal free of charge.

Instructions to Authors - (PDF, 83 KB)



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